"Discovering Your Life Purpose"

Have You Ever Wondered Why Are You Here? Would You Like to Discover Your Life Purpose?”

If so then this book is for you!

What’s my purpose in life and how do I find it? Those are two of the most asked questions on this planet. Have you ever asked yourself something similar to that?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. You feel this way because you have something very unique in your life to accomplish, which is very great. Of course, the question that comes after that is, ‘What is it then?’ But that is just about as far as most people will ever go. You may ask yourself this question, think about it for a few minutes, come up with no answers, and then just go on with your daily routine.

If you ever want to accomplish your purpose you have to go beyond the ‘What is it’ question. How do you do that?

You first have to realize that you won’t have all the answers in the beginning. If you are waiting for a bolt of lightning to your hit you and reveal to you what it is your supposed to do in life, it will never happen that way.

In this book I help you move past the wondering stage into the discovering stage with chapters like:

* What is a Life Purpose?
Where Does a Life Purpose Come From?
How Do You Know If You Have a Life Purpose?

* Life Purpose vs. Living Purposefully
Do You Really Need a Purpose?
Benefits of Living Purposefully

* How Do You Find Your Purpose?
It’s Already Within You!
Identifying Your Passions
Putting the Pieces Together

* I Still Don’t Know What My Purpose Is!
Think Back to a More Magical Time
Windows to Other Worlds
World Wide Possibilities
Social Clues

* How to Live Your Purpose
Does Your Purpose Have to Be Your Career?
The Steps that Lead to Fulfillment of Your Purpose

* Your Purpose Isn’t Just About YOU
It’s Your Gift to the World
There’s Something Special About You
People Need What You Have to Offer

* It’s Not All Up to You

* Possible Challenges You’ll Face
Fear of Change
Lack of Belief
If You Do What You Love, Will the Money Follow?
Charging Money for Your “Gifts”
Slow Progress
Balance and Responsibility
Keeping Those Fires Burning
Success in Dealing With Challenges

* Surrendering to the Journey
Letting Your Inner Wisdom Lead
Choosing the Easy Way
Allowing Your Purpose to Evolve
Living Moment to Moment

and I also include worksheets that challenge you with things like:

 Topics or Subjects I’m Passionate About.

 Activities I Love to Do and Are Really Familiar With.

 Things That Are Important to Me.

 Things I Am Naturally Good At.

 Education, Experience or Training.

 List of Publications, Subscriptions, or Magazines.

 List Your Greatest “All-Time” Successes.

Of course you’re given directions on how to effectively fill out each worksheet and put all the answers together to help you discover your Life Purpose.

It will change your life forever! Everyone who dares to live their life purpose describes it along the lines of “coming home” or “doing what I was born to do.” They do what matters most to them, they enjoy it fully, and it fits perfectly with the rest of their lives

Exciting, isn’t it? Definitely!

“Discovering Your Life Purpose” will teach you how to not just live, but how to LIVE PURPOSEFULLY!

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