"From Slavery to the Presidency"

The journey of African Americans, from slavery to the present day, has been a long one. But it has been fruitful - for us, the United States, and the world. And God’s hand has been on us the whole time.

He has guided our steps, from the master’s house, to the White House! Only He knows what is in our future. You will be sure of one thing after you read my book - whatever comes next, God will be in complete control.

Learn the history and origins behind slavery - it started well before the slave traders began bringing our ancestors to the shores of America!

Discover which child of slave parents grew up to become one of the most celebrated scientists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

See how God can take circumstances that are unjust and cruel to bring about blessings to people and to nations.

Allow me to show you that reconciliation between the races is NOT a pipe dream, but a HOPE and a PROMISE that can be fulfilled!

What this book will mean to you

When you read From Slavery to the Presidency—What THE MAN Intended for Evil…GOD Has Meant for Good! you will realize many things, such as:

• There is nothing that we can’t overcome.
• We are a proud, capable people, and we can solve the problems that plague our communities.
• There is nothing so evil that God can’t use it.
• God in fact lifts up the oppressed, and puts them in positions of prominence as He sees fit.

From Slavery to the Presidency—What THE MAN Intended for Evil…GOD Has Meant for Good! will challenge your mind. It will strengthen your resolve. It will encourage your heart. My prayer is that it will cause African Americans and anyone else who reads it, to really consider how we should move forward as a country when it comes to race.

Becoming part of the conversation

I want to see large groups of people thinking about the way they see this country’s past and future. I want people to begin seeing how much we have limited ourselves by thinking of ourselves as simply former slaves. I want us to see how we have been blessed. I want us to see that we are not only blessed, but with a purpose.

That purpose? I believe it is to use our energy, intelligence, passion, and resources to be a blessing, not only in this country, but all over the world.

I’d like for my book to be a small part of a larger conversation about the future for African Americans and all Americans. I want to see a future where, when we talk about RACE, it won’t be about the black race, the white race, the Hispanic race…etc

…but only about THE HUMAN RACE!

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